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2021 annual report



WE STAND in solidarity and partnership, knowing that our actions have a huge impact on people, and families in particular. With the pandemic still very much a reality, this has never mattered more, which is why we continue to offer support in ways that meet the community’s ever-changing needs—some $400,000 in invaluable financial assistance in 2021. These initiatives and partnerships took various forms, including an advertising campaign with TVA to promote four community organizations. The four-week broadcasts allowed both the Port and its partners to reach new and different audiences and share what we do—something out of reach for most community organizations. We are particularly proud of the announcement and implementation of a joint project with the City of Sept-Îles for a rather impressive revamp of Aylmer-Whittom Park.

“Aylmer-Whittom Park is one of our region’s true natural treasures. Its location along the bay is ideal, and everyone loves it. So when the idea of spicing up the playground with a maritime theme was suggested, we were immediately on board. The visitor experience will be enhanced with the addition of interpretation panels recalling the rich maritime history of the Bay of Sept-Îles from the days of the first Basque visitors to Jacques Cartier’s 1635 arrival through to the present day.”

Pierre D. Gagnon,
Port of Sept-Îles President and CEO




Through a partnership agreement with the City of Sept-Îles, the Port will contribute $260,000 toward the Aylmer-Whittom Park revitalization project. The goal is to breathe new life into the park, a space enjoyed by locals and visitors alike. Work will begin in May 2022 and will include an entranceway redesign complete with an entrance gate and a new sanitary building that will blend into the landscape. The central space will be a maritime-themed playground with new equipment and more modern playhouses. But the undeniable focal point of the revamped family gathering spot will be a 10-metre-long ship where budding explorers and pretend pirates can set sail for grand adventures!

Our community network is expanding and we couldn’t be more proud! Contributing to the well-being of our fellow citizens and neighbours is incredibly rewarding.

  • Comptoir alimentaire de Sept-Îles
  • OMH Sept-Îles
  • SPCA
  • L’Élyme des sables, maison de soins palliatifs de Sept-Îles
  • Vieux-Quai en fête
  • Centre d’action bénévole Le Virage de Sept-Îles
  • Centre d’action bénévole de Port-Cartier
  • Centraide Duplessis
  • Salon du livre de la Côte-Nord
  • Hommes Sept-Ils
  • À la source Sept-Îles
  • L'Envol, maison de la famille
  • L'Âtre de Sept-Îles

“Making this $30,000 donation to L’Âtre de Sept-Îles was an easy decision. An outreach worker is essential in order to serve the segment of the population struggling with mental health issues, especially during the pandemic. Mental illness can strike anyone, anywhere. We support L’Âtre de Sept-Îles’s efforts to safeguard the well-being of our community. We’re proud to help the organization build a solid foundation for such a critical service at a time when it’s needed most.”

Pierre D. Gagnon,
Port of Sept-Îles President and CEO




The Port of Sept-Îles announced a promising financial partnership with L’Âtre de Sept-Îles that includes a major $30,000 contribution of $10,000 per year for three years. In collaboration with the Centre d’Intervention le Rond-Point, the financial support will be used to hire an outreach worker whose main mission will be to find solutions to pressing problems by meeting target clients where they are—literally and figuratively. Concretely, that means a support and referral service for those age 25 and up who live in and around Sept-Îles and are facing hardship for which they need direct, regular, or occasional assistance.